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HealthCodex Software Development and Sales Office
Dr. Richard Cross
Dr. William Murray
345 N. Canal #404
Chicago, IL 60606

HealthCodex Corporate Headquarters
Janet Huber, M.D.
361 17th Street NW #2403
Atlanta, GA 30363

People are excited about the Family Health Planner. Here's what they are saying.

"My Dad lives in another state and the Family Health Planner helps me keep up with him. I have his list of recommendations and I am getting reminders about his tests and medical appointments. This is giving me peace of mind."
Kathleen Johnson, Attorney, Del Ray Beach, FL

"I am constantly playing 'catch up' trying to schedule all the required medical appointments for my family and myself. Between the required pediatrician visits for my two children, dentist appointments, and ophthalmologist visits for my older daughter, I have a hard time remembering when the last appointment was, what is already scheduled and what needs to be scheduled. I look forward to having this information stored for me and getting reminders when needed."
Amy McLean, Physician Assistant, Atlanta, GA

Try out the HealthCodex Family Health Planner
You can create a free account on the HealthCodex Family Health Planner. Use the Family Health Planner to get wellness reminders for you and the rest of your family.
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