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Welcome to HealthCodex
A New Way to Look at Health Management

Health doesn't need to be complicated. With HealthCodex you can take control!

The Family Health Planner takes the guesswork out of appointment management, wellness, diagnostic tests, treatments, and vaccinations.

Dr. Janet Huber has reviewed guidelines from top authorities regarding vaccinations, wellness screening and the management of common conditions such as diabetes and asthma. Based on this review and her 29 years of experience as a doctor, she has written recommendation sets, and identified 14 simple questions that define your health.

Dr. Janet Huber talks about the Family Health Planner
Today people can be overwhelmed by medical advice regarding vaccinations, wellness screening and management of chronic conditions. It's easy to get confused and feel out of control. The Family Health Planner gives you the help you need to take charge of your health. I have reviewed medical guidelines from top authorities and created a list of recommendations, sorted by age and gender. All you have to do is enroll and answer 14 questions to receive your personalized list. I have written a brief explanation with every recommendation, so you can make informed decisions on behalf of your family. You can take charge of your health with the Family Health Planner.