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About Us

HealthCodex is a company dedicated to making healthcare delivery more efficient and effective. Our mission is to automate healthcare management using technology.

Our History

Dr. Janet Huber, the founder and CEO, is a practicing physician who spent many years in the field of chronic disease treatment. She has seen all aspects of the case management process, and from that extensive experience created a vision for the next generation of information technology in case management, one that demands a high degree of automation of mundane tasks, compliance checking and patient monitoring.

Dr. Huber has previous experience as a successful medical IT entrepreneur. She authored a medical knowledge base in the late 1990s. After selling the knowledge base to McKessonHBOC she was invited to continue working on their behalf as an Enterprise Product Consultant.

In 2000, Dr. Huber took the opportunity to become Medical Director of Healinx, a dot-com startup web-based online physician consulting service. When Healinx fell victim to the dot-com bubble, she found herself with time to reflect on her recent experiences and write out her early ideas. She came to the conclusion that there was a better way to use the web to manage chronic disease.

Her ideas for how a new level of medical IT could make case management more cost efficient and more medically effective solidified and became the conceptual basis for the HealthCodex system. Dr. Huber founded HealthCodex because she saw a need to make treatment of chronic diseases more efficient and effective. She wanted to apply technology to the management of chronic diseases. She maintains a blog on the HealthCodex site where she talks about medical issues.

For the technological solution, Dr. Huber turned to Dr. Richard Cross, a research scientist with extensive experience with computer security and website development. Dr. Cross recruited a team of scientists and business professionals who have brought Dr. Huber's idea to life.

About Our Name: HealthCodex

A codex is a book made from bound parchment. Because such books were at one time rare, they connotated authority -- usually the book would be a compendium of law or scripture, although sometimes a codex would contain a collection of instructions for preparing a drug or treatment. HealthCodex is a reference point for patients who wish to better manage their health. With HealthCodex, a Medical Director can enter an authoritative set of instructions for evidence-based healthcare management. The system will send out reminders and facilitate patient communication so a patient can follow a known pathway to better health.


The Family Health Planner is a site that allows the family health manager to track her family's appointments and organize her notes about those appointments. The site allows her to setup reminders based on the age and gender of each family member. Dr Janet Huber created these reminders from evidence-based treatment recommendations.

We have a management module that allows employers to enroll their employees on the Family Health Planner and send them messages. This way an employer can make sure all their employees get the information they need to stay healthy.

People are excited about the Family Health Planner. Here's what they are saying.

"My Dad lives in another state and the Family Health Planner helps me keep up with him. I have his list of recommendations and I am getting reminders about his tests and medical appointments. This is giving me peace of mind."
Kathleen Johnson, Attorney, Del Ray Beach, FL

"I am constantly playing 'catch up' trying to schedule all the required medical appointments for my family and myself. Between the required pediatrician visits for my two children, dentist appointments, and ophthalmologist visits for my older daughter, I have a hard time remembering when the last appointment was, what is already scheduled and what needs to be scheduled. I look forward to having this information stored for me and getting reminders when needed."
Amy McLean, Physician Assistant, Atlanta, GA

Try out the HealthCodex Family Health Planner
You can create a free account on the HealthCodex Family Health Planner. Use the Family Health Planner to get wellness reminders for you and the rest of your family.
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