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The HealthCodex Team

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Janet Huber, M.D., Founder, CEO and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Janet Huber, the founder and CEO, is a practicing physician who spent many years in the field of chronic disease treatment. She has seen all aspects of the case management process, and from that extensive experience created a vision for the next generation of information technology in case management, one that demands a high degree of automation of mundane tasks, compliance checking and patient monitoring.

Dr. Huber has previous experience as a successful medical IT entrepreneur. She authored a medical knowledge base in the late 1990s, consisting of complete descriptions of inpatient and outpatient conditions that an admitting department could click on in a user interface to add to the patient record, thereby partly automating the admissions process. She copyrighted her work and sold it to seven medical organizations that incorporated it into their electronic patient records systems, earning $250,000 in royalties. After selling the knowledge base to McKessonHBOC she was invited to continue working on their behalf as an Enterprise Product Consultant.

In 2000, Dr. Huber took the opportunity to become Medical Director of Healinx, a dot-com startup web-based online physician consulting service. While in this position, she conceived of several ways to improve web-based communication in the field of medicine. When Healinx fell victim to the dot-com bubble, Dr. Huber found herself with time to reflect on her recent experiences and write out her early ideas. She came to the conclusion that there was a better way to use the web to manage chronic disease.

In 2001, she became a Medical Director for Promina Health System, focusing on case management. At Promina she trained and directly supervised Case Managers, developed medical treatment pathways, gave industry lectures and published journal articles on computer technology and case management. Her ideas for how a new level of medical IT could make case management more cost efficient and more medically effective solidified and became the conceptual basis for the HealthCodex system.

Richard Cross, Ph.D., COO and CIO

Dr. Cross is currently pursuing an M.B.A. at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to acquire the business skills necessary to make HealthCodex a success. He has supported secure trading and treasury applications in the IT group at Bank of America for the past nine years. He has also founded emailXL, a hosting, messaging, and web design consultancy.

While in college, Dr. Cross worked as a programmer in his father's educational software business, then worked independently as a computer game developer. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in experimental physics, where he worked on statistical analysis of large data sets and large software projects. This included integrating code from different system types, cross-system communication, and managing teams of developers.

Dr. Cross left the field of research physics to pursue a career in business. His coding experience as a physicist gained him a job at Bank of America, where he worked as an architect and developer of secure web-based applications and secure internal messaging systems. He is still with the bank and currently manages a production operations team.

While no longer working as a physicist, Dr. Cross maintained contact with several former colleagues. When the HealthCodex opportunity came along, he contacted some of those who were known for their strong coding, writing, and communication skills. He ultimately invited a select few with experience building large software systems under stringent deadlines, and experience analyzing and manipulating extremely large data sets. In addition to programmers, he wanted persons experienced in the conduct of systematic scientific inquiries, as it was foreseen that HealthCodex would eventually undergo clinical testing to demonstrate its worth.

William Murray, Ph.D., CTO

Dr. Murray is a former physics colleague of Dr. Cross. He left physics for the IT world in 1998. Between 1998 and 2001he served as a programmer-analyst for Analytic Innovations. He co-founded, Inc. with Richard Cross in 2002, where he serves as CTO.

During his time as an experimental physicist, he served as a calibration coordinator, chief editor on a referred publication for the 400-strong collaboration, and on the editorial board of four other collaboration publications. His colleagues selected him as one of 24 shift leaders, responsible for supervising operations and data collection at the $100M detector.

Dr. Murray is one of the main developers for the HealthCodex system and is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and documentation supporting the system.

Earl Gero, Ph.D., Chief Programmer

After finishing his doctorate in experimental physics, Dr. Gero held a postdoctoral scientist position at Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati in Italy before working for about a decade as a programmer-analyst at Analytic Innovations. While there, he gained considerable experience in large database design and management, with a focus on real time analysis of consumer data in financial transactions. He joined the HealthCodex team in 2007 as Chief Programmer.

Dr. Gero serves as the HealthCodex code implementation lead. He was crucial in designing both the database system's scalability and its more advanced web interfaces, as well as contributing to improving Dr. Huber's Case Manager workflow design. His programming skill is complemented by a good sense of aesthetic design which has been useful in optimizing the appearance of the site and improving UI transparency and navigation ability.

David Rainwater, Ph.D., Research Director

Dr. Rainwater served for two years as a research engineer for AbTox, Inc., where he was co-inventor of two patents on medical sterilization technology. Afterward he earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics with a focus on computer simulation. He was a Research Associate at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory outside Chicago, and a Fellow at a German national laboratory in Hamburg before becoming the Marshak Fellow at University of Rochester. He has recently shifted gears slightly and become a Research Scientist at the University of Texas at Austin's Applied Research Laboratories. His primary focus is on scientific computing. His recent work includes a large open-source software project managed by the Applied Research Laboratories.

While Dr. Rainwater has made contributions to the HealthCodex code base and assisted with user interface design, he is HealthCodex's chief grantwriter for the SBIR and other applications. He has made numerous beneficial improvements in the website as HealthCodex has developed. Dr. Rainwater also has very strong communication and presentation skills.

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Amy McLean, Physician Assistant, Atlanta, GA

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